Ways To Pamper Yourself This Fall

I love Fall! It is such a beautiful time of year and actually my favorit season :) Something that I love to do during this time of year is pamper myself, well, when I can find the time! I think it's something about the colder weather that makes me want to cozy up in the house and give myself some "me" time!

However, it's sometimes hard to get to enjoy the season as much as you would like when you work and even harder when you have children to take care of. Also, the weather getting darker earlier leaves even less time to enjoy the Fall evenings once you're home from work.

Some of us also can suffer with several allergies and dry cracked skin when cooler temperatures set in. So even though Fall is such a wonderful season, one must take steps to pamper themself for their well-being. 

Here are some of the things that I do in the Fall to pamper myself and give myself some time to RELAX while enjoying my favorit season!

1. Read a book - My favorite way to relax is curling up with a blanket, a cup of hot tea, and a good book. Here is a list to celebrate Oprah's Book Club's 20th anniversary with the 53 best books of all her selections for those of you looking to take a recoomendation from O herself! 

2. Hydrate your body and skin - We all know that we need to drink plenty of water, which I always do. However, we also need to hydrate our skin. Lotion up! Use plenty of lotion every day to keep from getting dry cracked skin. 

3. Go for a walk before it gets dark - I love walking on cool Fall evenings. There is just something about the fresh crisp air and the exercise from a walk that makes me feel so much better.

4. Sip on hot drinks - I love a good hot cup of herbal tea, coffee, cappuccino, or hot cocoa. It doesn't matter where you have this drink, on the porch listening to the sounds of nature, on the balcony of your apartment, on the couch, at the kitchen table, just make sure you sit down for a few minutes and enjoy that cup.

5. Take vitamins - Vitamin C for immunity and Magnesium for bone and muscle Health as well as vitamin D. Magnesium is also great for depression and anxiety. In fact, Magnesium has many great benefits.

6. Indulge in your fall flavoured foods - I love to eat soups and chilis during the Fall. I also love to bake my favorite desserts, preferably anything pumpkin. Just be sure to incorporate more healthy foods in your diet. 

8. SLEEP - This is simple and MOST important! This is the ultimate way to pamper yourself! I feel like you can never have enough sleep and so I think that sometimes it is important to make sure you fit in a nap on certain days or even go to bed a couple hours early to help you catch up on that sleep that you KNOW you need!

9. Watch a movie or start a new series - When you are stressed with large amounts of work, you certainly deserve some time to slow down, or even pause and go watch a movie. Watching a movie can ease your mind and give you a new perspective about things. Also can take you away from your tasks at hand. Netflix has made it so much simpler to have access to many movies and series at all time. 

10. Wear socks - This might sound funny to some of you but I love doing this! Wearing soft fluffy socks at home during fall and winter makes me feel comfortable, warm, and cozy. Try it!

11. Put on a Mask - I feel like face masks are good for the soul! Weather they are paste based or sheet mask, it doesn't matter. I think that they just make you feel good inside and out and always make me feel like I am a whole new person when I put one on!

12. Spend time with your besties - Girls just LOVE girl time because its ALWAYS a good way to refresh yourself from stress and just relax with your girls! 

13. Do your own mani pedi - This is something that is so fun and can really get you to wind down. You could also do this with your kids and maybe even have them try to do your nails so that you all can have some time together, but still have some relaxation time.

14. Take a relaxing bath - A warm bath on a cold day can relax your body. If you have a few minutes to spare, spend time lounging in the tub with your favorite scented soap or whatever therapeutic herbs you use.

15. Meditate - Meditation brings peace of mind and it can improve memory and learning ability. Meditation helps you train your breathing. When you breathe properly, the oxygen flow in your body improves resulting in a more alert and enthusiastic demeanor. 

So ladies, make time to pamper yourself, get plenty of rest after work, be healthy, be happy and enjoy the rest of Fall. It will be over before you know it and the rush of Holidays will be upon us!

Don't forget pampering yourself and finding time for yourself is CRUCIAL to keeping yourself healthy, happy and focused with your busy schedule without getting burned out. 

If you have tips or pampering ways other than these, please share them in the comments below. We would love to hear :)




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