Gluten Free Pizza with Organic Black Tiger Shrimp

Healthy eating is always a round table discussion in our family. As most everything, it's always too sided. We want great tasting "cheat meal quality" flavorful meals , while keeping it healthy!

That's where this recipe from our friends at Ocean Mama Seafood comes into play. They use NextJen Gluten-Free AP Flour blend to make this mouth watering Gluten Free Pizza with Organic Black Tiger Shrimp.

The Organic Shrimp are raised with No GMO's, no antibiotics, no growth hormones, and are raised in natural mangroves.

Nextjen sprouts and mills their own buckwheat with a traditional stone mill and are committed to making their gluten-free baking blend GMO-free, corn-free, preservative-free, dairy-free, and sulphite-free.

A win win situation if you ask us! Give the recipe a try and let us know what you think.

Bon appetite!