February 2017


1. Fragrance Medallion by D.L. & Co. This fashionable ceramic medallion is D.L & Co.'s answer to diffusing their unique scents in small spaces, such as drawers, closets, bedrooms or powder rooms. Each medallion comes with an elegant black ribbon so that it may be hung up easily on hangers, hooks or door knobs and a bottle of refresher oil. Place a few drops of fragranced oil directly onto the ceramic disk once every few weeks. Curated in: Thorne Apple or Lady Rhubarb Suggested retail price: $34 CAD

2. Gold Foil Polka Dots Plate Gorgeous multi purpose plate. Suitable for serving food, under candles or bar of soap or catching coins and keys. Food safe. Hand wash only.           Suggested retail price: $21 CAD         

3. Playing Footsie Foot Soak by Barefoot Venus 99% Pure Coconut Milk Foot Soak. Pamper yourself by soaking your feet in and letting the natural source of lactic acid gently exfoliate and soften, while soothing Epsom Salt helps calm any aches. Created WITH Dry Milk, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, and Epsom Salt. Created WITHOUT Parabens, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Colour, and Propylene Glycol. Suggested retail price: $16.25 CAD

4. Lip Macaron by MOR Australia Treat your lips to a kiss of moisture! Containing a rich combination of nourishing Jojoba (hydrate), Coconut Oil and Papaya Seed Oil (soothe and rejuvenate), blended with Beeswax (heal and promote tissue regeneration), antioxidant-rich Cocoa Butter (soften and retain moisture) and Vitamin E to leave lips lusciously soft, nourished and supple. These Lip Macarons add a sheer shine to your lips. This product is not tested on animals. Curated in: Rosebud, Passion Flower, Lychee Flower, Peach Nectar, or Cassis Noir Suggested retail price: $14 CAD

5. Caramello Pocket Chocolate Bar by URGE Chocolates 55% Dark Belgian chocolate with a thin creamy caramel layered center, topped with just a touch of sea salt for a little crunch and flavour. One of their most popular bars. It is simply scrumptious. Enjoy! Suggested retail price: $5 CAD