June 2017


1. Cotton Turkish Towel Peshtemal by Turkish Towel Store These authentic Turkish towel peshtemals are composed of ecru vintage thin stripes. They are 100% cotton, highly absorbent, fast drying, eco-friendly, versatile, lightweight and made in Turkey (Size: 63 x 39 inches). There are major differences between cotton peshtemal towels and the other textile products currently in the market. The most important difference is that cotton peshtemal towels are recyclable and eco-friendly made of genuine cotton on the handlooms in Anatolia. Organic Turkish towels do not irritate the skin due to not containing any artificial substances. These unisex towels are very versatile. From lounging on the beach, to your everyday bath towel at home, to picnic blanket, swimming towel, and even home textile such as table cloth or seat cover. Curated in: Dark Blue, Powder Blue, Turquoise, Lilac, Light Grey, Terracotta, Ruby, or Orange. Suggested retail price: $44 CAD

2. Just Peachy Iced Tea Blend by For Tea's Sake For Tea's Sake Just Peachy Loose Leaf Iced Tea Blend is a timeless classic among tea lovers. Peach tea is a natural choice for a refreshing drink to share with friends on a sunny afternoon! Subtle notes of pineapple and papaya only serve to enhance the experience.  Suggested retail price: $17 CAD

3. Tea Filter Bags (set of 50) by For Tea's Sake A convenient way to steep your favorite For Tea’s Sake blends! Following the steeping instructions for an individual serving on the tea tin, simply add the loose leaf blend to the sachet and add water.  Includes 50 one-time-use sachet filters. Use multiple for a full size pitcher. Suggested retail price: $6 CAD

4. Coconut Body Wash by Scentuals Natural & Organic Skincare This 100% natural and cruelty-free body wash is handcrafted with hydrating and restorative Organic Aloe juice and Organic Argan oil. This luxuriously rich body wash gently cleanses skin while providing nourishing anti-oxidants, vitamins E, C and B complex. Coconut oil works to hydrate and protect skin from free-radical damage while providing a beautiful light sweet aroma to every rejuvenating cleansing experience. The scent is perfect for the summer! Suggested retail price: $14.95 CAD

5. Fresh Roll-on Perfume by Cheri Arome Natural Skincare A natural way to smell great with this roll-on perfume! The Fresh scent has a hint of cucumber, watermelon and cantaloupe. Use the roller ball to apply the blend to pressure points – those typically mentioned are wrists, behind the ear lobes, and various locations on the face. Avoid eye area. Suggested retail price: $8.99 CAD

6. Oval Platter Conveniently sized for serving, this stoneware oval platter is hand-painted in a casual nautical style, suitable for everyday use especially summer gatherings! Dishwasher and microwave safe and also foodsafe.  Suggested retail price: $16 CAD